Height: 5"10   |   Eye Color: Green   |   Hair Color: Blond



Roundabout Theater Company   |   Marvin's Room  |   U/S Hank

The New Group   |   Mercury Fur   |  Papa Spinx

Access Theater   |   The War Boys  |  George​

The Amoralists   |   Pink Knees on Pale Skin, Animals and Plants  

BRASS   |   Rough. In. Proof. 

Ladywork   |   The Shape Of Things  

Helen Hayes Performing Arts Center   |   Oliver!   |   2001  |   Oliver


NBC   |   The Blacklist   |  Caleb

NBC   |   Mysteries of Laura  

CBS    |   Blue Bloods  

truTV   |   Jon Glaser Loves Gear 


Kellen Moore  |   Looks That Kill

Tom McNamara  |   Darren

Damian Voerg   |   Cigarette Soup

Justin Learner   |   The Automatic Hate

Tate Steinsiek   |  Addiction

Marvin Van Buren  |  Contents Under Pressure

Michael DeVita  |  One Penny

 Special Skills 

IPA Proficient, Dialects: British, Southern, Cockney, German. Stage Combat, Fencing, Guitar, Improv, Speak and write backwards. Suzuki Method

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